The things I love about Waterplanet are the same things I have always loved about bands such as Violent Femmes. The sparseness and acoustic drive of the instrumentation, the strange, busker-like and slightly off-kilter nature of delivery, the willful under-production, the rustic charm and just the sheer purposefully off-message, fashionably speaking, sound that they make.” - Dave Franklin

Dancing About Architecture


Waterplanet is the work of imagistic songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Millie Landrum and James Hesser. With driving melodies and harmonies, they share vocals and alternate on acoustic guitar, percussion, and other instruments.  Veterans of the Baltimore Music Scene, Waterplanet has toured the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Southeast.  

Following recent releases Ghost-Hypnotic and Songs for Holiday Living I & II, Waterplanet debuted their latest EP Never Far in fall 2020. Their playfully introspective songs blur the lines between pop, rock, and psych-folk – frequently haunting, yet strangely familiar. 

Their cinematic storytelling has been compared to: She and Him, Courtney Barnett, The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Violent Femmes, Pixies, Patti Smith, X, and other ground-breaking artists. When Shelly Yakus, engineer to John Lennon, U2, and countless others, heard Waterplanet's recordings, he declared them ahead of their time, and said they conjured animated movies in his mind. 

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There’s so much magic within this song that is barely over two minutes long. Truthfully, the entire EP could have just been “Girl” on repeat five times and I would still be elated. If you can make me want to dance while simultaneously making me sad, then you’ve got my full attention and Waterplanet has done exactly that.” - Sam Reed

“GIRL” GO LISTEN TO WATERPLANET! (Review on Indie Band Guru)

Sample Tracks

  1. 1
    Girl 2:17
  2. 2
    Manta 2:44
  3. 3
    Numb 2:58
  4. 4
    Feel 2:57

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